Our Mission

Moove exists to make buying or selling a property faster, easier and more financially rewarding.

The Why

Moving house is described as the third most stressful experience that people experience in life (behind divorce and terminal illness). However, in the UK there are an estimated one million property transactions every year…. That's a lot of stress!

Quite often the level of the stress was directly attributed to the quality of the Estate Agent and how engaged they were in the process. With an estimated 25,000 estate agents in the UK and no standardised approach, getting the right agent can be like wining a local raffle. Also, at the end of this, whether they were good or bad you are paying a hefty commission fee which can feel unfair.

After many personal house moves, we found this to be true and decided to make it our mission to revolutionise the experience, creating a faster, less stressful and more financially rewarding journey for buyers and sellers.

That's why we founded Moove!

The Process

We will make the process easier by making it:


You are selling your own property, but we will be there by your side at each step providing your with the tools and information you need to make informed decisions and take correct action.


With a fixed listing and platform fee that will mean more sales proceeds are retained by the buyer and that can be reflected in the property asking price creating a win-win.


We aim to demystify the process and jargon giving both parties all the information required and explaining the steps in a clear concise way.

Are you ready to join our Moovement?

Moove is a new way to buy and sell property, coming soon. Register your interest for the future of real estate, and be the first to be contacted when we launch.

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