Can You Sell Your Own House Without an Estate Agent? Yes!

Can You Sell Your Own House Without an Estate Agent? Yes!

Selling a home is a significant financial decision, and many homeowners ponder whether they can sell their house without an estate agent. Perhaps you have had a unresponsive or slow estate agent in the past, or you are thinking that you would like to keep more of that commission fee from your sale proceeds.

This process, often referred to as a 'private sale' or 'DIY property sale,' has gained traction in recent years. This comprehensive guide will explore the feasibility, benefits, and challenges of selling your own house without an estate agent.

Why Consider Selling Without an Estate Agent?

  1. Cost Savings: One of the most compelling reasons to sell your house without an agent is the potential to save thousands in commission fees. Estate agents typically charge a percentage of the sale price as their fee, which can be a substantial amount.

  2. Control Over the Sales Process: Selling your home privately means you have complete control over the sales process. This includes setting your price, managing viewings, and negotiating directly with buyers.

  3. Personal Connection: Direct interaction with potential buyers allows you to highlight the unique features of your home and address queries immediately.

How to Sell Your Own House Without an Estate Agent

  1. Valuation: Start by getting your property valued. You can use online valuation tools like Moove, compare similar properties in your area, or even get a few valuations from local estate agents for guidance. Local estate agents will often provide you with an estimate of how much hey think they could sell it for. However, be careful as they may still try to pitch you for the listing or inflate the valuation to make you think they can sell it for more.

  2. Preparing Your Home for Sale: Make your property appealing to potential buyers. Consider decluttering, doing minor repairs, and even professional staging. Try and make your home look fresh and somewhere that prospective buyers could see themselves living.

  3. Marketing Your Property: Utilise online property portals that allow private sellers, create a compelling property listing with high-quality photos, and consider using social media and a property platform like Moove.

  4. Legal Considerations: Understand the legal aspects of selling your property. If you went fully alone this would include drafting a contract, handling negotiations, and dealing with the legal paperwork. Hiring a solicitor or conveyancer is recommended to ensure that everything is legally correct.

  5. Viewings and Negotiations: Organise and conduct viewings yourself. Be prepared for negotiations and be clear about what you are willing to accept. Also try and think about all the selling points of your property and what you love about your home, whilst ensuring you have an answer for anything the buyer may ask.

Challenges of Selling Without an Estate Agent

  1. Lack of Expertise: A great Estate agent can bring expertise in valuation, negotiation, and understanding the market trends, as its basically what they do every day. Be aware that this expertise comes at a cost in the form of their commission.

  2. Time and Effort: Selling a home requires significant time and effort, from conducting viewings to handling enquiries and negotiations.

  3. Limited Market Reach: Estate agents have access to extensive marketing networks and platforms, which might not be fully accessible to private sellers. Here at Moove our mission is to provide you with all this information so you can make informed decisions about your property sale.


Selling your house without an estate agent is certainly possible and can be financially beneficial. However, it will require more effort on the part of the seller and will become a lot more involved in the transaction. If you decide to go down this path, ensure you are well-prepared, use a property site like Moove, to increase reach and educate yourself on the process.


Q: How much can I save by selling my house without an estate agent?

A: Savings vary but can be significant, typically the percentage commission an estate agent would charge on the sale price. The average house price in the UK is £287,782 and the average estate agent fee being 1.42%. That’s over £4000 in commission.

Q: Is it legal to sell my house without an estate agent?

A: Yes, it's completely legal to sell your property privately. There is no requirement to use an Estate Agent.

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