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News and Insights

5 min read

House Information Packs: What were they, why did they disappear and were they good or bad?

In the UK each country has its own rules on property transactions with Scotland being the most different. In an attempt to improve the housing market and property transactions, the last labour government back in 2007 introduced what were known as House Information Packs usually abbreviated to HIPs.

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Buying Guides

4 min read

Essential Questions to Ask on a Viewing as a Buyer

You've found the potential house of your dreams, you have done your desktop research and you have have had a drive around the local area to get a feel for the place. Now it comes to the viewing where you get chance to walk around the property and imagine yourself truly living there.

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Selling Guides

4 min read

A Guide on How to Conduct the Perfect House Viewing as a Seller

When selling your home, the house viewing is your opportunity to make a lasting impression on potential buyers and show them that your property is the one they want to buy. The way you present your property can significantly influence their decision and have a large impact on the value of the property.

Legal document being signed
Buying Guides

4 min read

Conveyancing Explained: A Step by Step Guide to the Process

Conveyancing is the legal stage in the transfer of property ownership where the title of the property legally changes hands and all the relevant statutory parties are informed. It is a required stage and without it no property can change ownership and be legally binding.

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Investment Guides

3 min read

Becoming a Property Investor: Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Investment Property for Rental

Welcome to the exciting world of property investment! If you're reading this, you're likely considering taking a savvy step towards securing your financial future. Real estate has long been a favoured avenue for investors looking for stable, passive income and the potential for significant capital growth.

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Buying Guides

6 min read

First Time Home Buyers Tips: Navigating Your First Purchase

Buying your first home is an exciting journey, filled with possibilities and also challenges. It's a pivotal moment that marks a new chapter in your life, offering the chance to create lasting memories in a space that's truly your own.

What is the Moove Money Back Promise?

The Moove Money Back Promise is our way of saying if we don't get you interest in your property then we will refund your listing fee and allow you to market your property on our standard package for free.

How does Moove work?

Moove is a property platform connecting buyers directly with sellers. We have built a digital tool set which replicates the key roles of the Estate Agent.

We can advise you on the value, market your property on other property portals like Right Move, schedule viewings and allow you to negotiate on the buying price.

All this means you can save time by communicating directly and cut out the middle man saving you time and money.

How do I keep track of my listing?

We have developed and built "MyMoove" which is the main hub for all your activity on the platform.

Keep track of listings, viewings, offers made and received all in once place to make it easier for you to complete your property transaction.

Who are Moove?

Moove is a property platform where you become the Estate Agent and take control of the process. We believe the seller and the buyer are the most engaged people in any property transaction and therefore we want the in control of the process.

By providing all the resources and tools needed to list, market, perform viewings and receive or make offers, we believe the whole process will be faster, easier and more fair for both parties.

By charging a flat fee for our services we can be open, honest and transparent with our advice and help.

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